Post-Show Thoughts: Burger Records Presents…

Burger Records and the Garden Grove Amphitheater hosted what seemed to be a perfect summertime lineup, this past Saturday, June 27th. Distractor, Frankie and The Witch Fingers, The Memories, and The Garden all stepped on stage and perfectly executed their craft.

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The synth-pop group, Distractor, kicked off the night and did what could quite possibly be one of the most important factors of what the show-going experience has to offer — Truly setting the tone for the night. Their synth dominate tunes purveyed the fun and carefree vibe that Burger Record shows are widely known for.

Frankie and the Witch Fingers

With the vibe set, Frankie and the Witch Fingers, the garage psych 4-piece, came in swiftly with their own perfectly orchestrated sound. Their instrumental breaks and change of tempo carried with it feelings of a simpler time — they took us, the audience, to a decade of flared trousers, feathered hair, and damn good music. One thing’s for sure, Frankie and the Witch Finger left Corduroy Soul wanting more! Bravo, fellas.

The Memories

The self-proclaimed ‘modern love song band’ definitely lived up to their title. Alluring the audience with his charm, The Memories frontman, Rikky Gage, serenaded us with feel good songs, ‘I Wanna Be That Guy’ and ‘Go Down On You’, to only name a few. What was truly great about The Memories was their affectionate and tender interaction they had with their audience, this only added to their prepossessing sight. One couldn’t help but fall in love with The Memories.

Headlining duo, The Garden, brought the house down on Saturday. As the sun completely set for the day, the audience was wide awake and at it’s prime. Overcoming some technical difficulties at first, the duo bounced back without hesitation. If the crowd wasn’t already riled up, the Garden’s set sure did the trick. Their high-speed, organized chaotic set was definitely reciprocated by the audience. Nobody stood motionless, not for a second, when The Garden hit the stage — Bodies flew from the stage as the duo’s heavy sound instigated orderly mayhem.

Thank you to Burger Records and the Garden Grove Amphitheater for organizing a rad show. Keep your eye out for more stellar lineups this summer and a happy show-going season to all!


All Images Provided By Nadya Diaz.

Written by Lucia Alvarez/Blog Owner of Corduroy Soul 
June 27, 2017