with Mighty Mighty Cash Cats, Ted Z & The Wranglers
Sat May 25, 2024

with MANTRA, Lover Sonicos - Calle4Cumbia
Mon May 27, 2024

with Shakamon, Nice & Swell, Pool Surfers, DJ LoFi
Fri May 31, 2024

with Some Girls! (Female tribute to The Rolling Stones), From Experience Myke (a Psychelic Tribute to Jimi Hendrix)., Tambourine Man - A Tribute to the Music of Bob Dylan, The Walrus
Sat June 1, 2024

with Slaughterhouse
Thu June 6, 2024

with Deviates, Overexposure
Fri June 7, 2024

with Head Games: A Foreigner Tribute, Like Zeppelin, Led Aeros (Aerosmith & Led Zeppelin tribute), Soul to Soul (Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble tribute)
Sun June 16, 2024

Fri June 21, 2024

with Ruidos (Tribute to EL TRI), Junio (Tribute to Maná)
Sat June 22, 2024

with When Doves Cry: A Night of Prince, Remix (Funk and R&B Revue)
Sun June 23, 2024

with Red Hot Tribute, The Rocket Queens (All-Female Tribute to Guns N' Roses), Black Daze (Soundgarden Tribute)
Fri June 28, 2024

with The Venomous Pinks, Ras-1, Tunnel Vision, Mad Tab, Taken Days, The Steadians, Rancid Radio (Tribute to Rancid), Some Band That Plays NOFX Songs, Trash Clams, Punkture
Sat June 29, 2024

with Say it ain't Weezer, The Police Academy, Ukulele Hiro
Sun June 30, 2024

with Light Grenades (Incubus Tribute), Disorder : System Of A Down tribute
Wed July 3, 2024

with Hey! Ho! Let's Go!, Total Distortion, American Idiots, Hey Ho Lets Go!, K.T.P. (Dead Kennedys Tribute)
Fri July 5, 2024

with Natural Science (RUSH Tribute Band), Heart Wreckers (Tom Petty tribute), Dirty Deeds (Tribute to AC/DC), Wizardz of Ozz (Ozzy Osbourne tribute)
Sat July 6, 2024

New Wave Productions Present
with Freddie Morales of Devotional, Brian Soto of The Curse, Michael Aston of Gene Loves Jezebel, Gene Loves Jezebel
Fri July 12, 2024

with Dwarves, White Kaps, Narcoleptic Youth, Pistol Grip, Spaghetti Cumbia, Madam Bombs, Death By Stereo, The Line, Fourth in Line, IFORGET, Hamapple, Splintr, The Clowns
Sat July 13, 2024

with Wild Night (Tribute to Van Morrison), Pretending Chrissie (Pretenders tribute), Mr. Soul (Neil Young tribute)
Sun July 14, 2024

with Death Cab for karaoke, Green Today, Panic! At the rock show, The Offsprung, Finding Emo, Rockstars of Tomorrow, DJ Osh
Sun July 21, 2024

with Babes Against The Machine (Female tribute to Rage Against The Machine), A Perfect Tool: Tribute to A Perfect Circle & Tool
Sat July 27, 2024

with Coyote, Kemo The Blaxikan, YBE, Lighter Shade of Brown, JAY ROXXX
Sun August 11, 2024

with Tim Atlas
Sun November 3, 2024

Night 1 Acoustic
Fri December 6, 2024 - Sun December 8, 2024

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